Development and production of chemical products for the cleansing, the protection and the conservation of the surfaces.

Federchemicals is a chemical company founded in Brescia in 1963 by Mrs. Fiorella Fagiolini that began its career specializing in civil/hospital detergents and industrial technical products.

In 1973 our Company furthered his path in the research and development of products and systems for the treatment and the maintenance of walkable surfaces like brick, ceramic stones, carpets, etc. In this period, it is also developed all the technology for the conservative restoration. The company has continued and will continue its path in the search of innovative solutions in different chemical applications of protection and surfaces finishing.

From the 90’s our products make their appearance in the foreign market and begin collaborations with some of the most important companies in the construction industry. It starts to expand its reality in foreign markets, both in Europe and in the Middle East and Asian countries.

Civil and industrial detergency, construction industry, surfaces treatment (stone, ceramic, terracotta and wood sector) stonemason’s technical products, restauring, applied nanotechnologies

Who we are now

Federchemicals is an attentive company in selecting high-quality raw materials combined with a constant search of application and testing on natural and innovative materials of the latest generation.

The experience gained thanks to many years of activity in this field, allows us to offer a complete quality service to meet the demands also “on demand” of our customers developing custom formulations.

Research and Development

Federchemicals is convinced that innovation is essential to provide its customers with the best formulations to stay ahead in the resolution of the issues and characteristics of the materials. For this reason, we invest in Research and Development an important percentage of the annual turnover of the company and we rely on the collaboration of the best university research laboratories.

Chemical specialities for building constructions

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Quality of products and services

Federchemicals guarantees the quality of products and services provided to its customers while keeping under control all internal cycles as technical, organizational and human that may affect the quality of services provided and products thanks to the company certification through the International Quality Systems ISO 9001:2008.

In addition, volunteer for ethical questions, Federchemicals feels it has a need to ensure consistently and documented the environmental compatibility of its activities thanks to the certification of International Environmental ISO 14001.

Range of products
  • Stonemason’s technical products area

    Polyester mastics, epoxy resins, epoxy mastics, water based and solvent based anti-stain and waterproofs, liquid waxes, paste waxes, self-polishing products, anti-salt products , antirust for marbles and granite, chemical sandblasters, products with ageing effect.

  • Restoration area

    Products for consolidation,  waterproofs, anti-graffiti products, detergents, water based and solvent based  paint remover.

  • Building area

    Solvent based epoxy resins, resins without solvents, waterproof elastomeric mantles, anti-dust sealants for concretes, rust removers.

  • Ceramic area

    Acid detergents for after-laying, water based and solvent based anti-stain, detergents for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, products for in-line treatment.

  • Stone treatment area

    Detergents, water based and solvent based waterproof and anti-stain, metallized waxes, natural liquid and solid waxes, polishing powders, stain remover, crystallizing products, colour correctors, care kits for maintenance and polishing of countertops.

  • Terracotta treatment area

    Deoxidizing, buffered inhibited acids, anti-saltpeter waterproof products, water based and solvent based anti-stains, waxy resins impregnators, paste waxes, liquid finishes, wax removers.

  • Wood area

    Natural vegetal oils, natural beeswaxes and carnauba waxes for cold and hot treatment, citrus solvent based liquid waxes, water based matt and polished paints, wax effect paint for external.

  • Applied nanotechnologies’ sector

    Specific detergent for floors, protective detergent for glass, multipurpose detergent for surfaces, self-cleaning waterproof protectives, anti-stain products with nanometric molecule.

Federchemicals in the World

All the countries where Federchemicals is present with its products